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The Littler 




The Littler Angel $24.95 + $5.00 shipping, packaging & handling


signed and number and dated $50 no shipping charges

From the author:

The idea for this story came from my acquaintance with real life angels, my children, Chris, Steven, Molly and you, too, Paige.

As Dad (that guy who thinks he is in charge), I'd always thought I was the one who did all the influencing. But the older I get the more I realize kids are gifts from the Big Guy Upstairs. And, we'd best be served to heed both their words and actions.

I was speaking to my son Steve-O when he was but as a toddler. I called him my "little angel." And he told me, "You big. I'm littler." I've always taken his analogy to mean that I was his protector or Big Angel and he was mine... only Littler.

Dear God, thank You for retaining a bit of child in me to recognize the beauty of his words. From that day forward I've kept the word "Littler" in my vocabulary. Being a linguist, I've found no other word that works as well... especially in the language of Baby Angels.

The story is told to you by me... but when I am eight years old. As a child I understood and believed in the existence of an infinite and loving creator. My mother imbued me with Faith. During many times my Faith has been tested by great loss, death and the tragedies of life. However, that Faith has always brought me through. I couldn't have done it without my guardian angel and the other "Littler" angels, too.

Just as there is a God, there are angels everywhere... and they are looking out for you. Like Peter Pan asking for our help for Tinkerbell, all we have to do is believe.

Faithfully Yours, Vince Vance AKA Little Vinnie


    Or if you just can't wait, you can get one of the Collector's Edition that are signed, dated and numbered, RIGHT NOW. They are a tad more... $50.00 each, but that includes Shipping, Packaging & Handling. The Good Points are you get them signed, an early number, the date of release and a copy before anyone else. If you are interested send your check for $50.00 for each one you want to:

Vince Vance

PO Box 180099

Dallas TX 75218

Include your name and address and who you'd like it personalize to. If you don't say a preference, they will be numbered, dated the Day of Release (All Saints Day) and autographed with just a name.

Or you can just call Fullerton Books Inc. at 972.707.7641.